“That is how learning to read begins—first people read to you, then they read with you, and finally they give up because you have taken control of your own reading and don’t want anyone else to interfere. Usually it happens remarkably quickly, so smoothly that it is rarely noticed. Of course, you don’t learn to read all at once. You learn one word at a time—and no one can predict each successive word that you learn will be. It’s not easy to learn new words from word lists, where there is no meaningful context. But new words are learned with [...]


The student has excelled the teacher, the ultimate wish of any educator. I received word the other day from a former student, David Dalton, that he has a PhD in Spanish and is now an assistant professor at The University of North Carolina. He has a book coming out next month called Mestizo Modernity: Race, Technology, and the Body in Post-revolutionary Mexico. Here is a pdf where you can get a discount on the book: file:///C:/Users/bryce/Downloads/Mestizo_Modernity_INDIVIDUALS_AU718.pdf Dr. Dalton's faculty page is here:  

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CHARLESTON, WV—Multiple witnesses claim they’ve spotted groups of homeless language learner novels, shivering, hungry and homeless, by a local freeway off-ramp begging for food and money. Several witnesses claim that some of the novels were holding up cardboard signs offering to give compelling input for food. “The poor things look seriously neglected and abused,” one woman said after handing a dollar bill out the window to a particularly scrawny level 2 novel. “It’s so sad that in a country that values education as much as America does, novels are going hungry out in the cold.” One novel in the group [...]

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TPRS Novel Makes Daring Escape from Neglectful Teacher’s Bookshelf

CHARLESTON, WV—After years of alleged imprisonment and neglect in a world language classroom, a TPRS novel at long last made a harrowing escape from local high school, sources confirmed Thursday. The novel told local police investigators it was able to escape the classroom where it had been imprisoned and ignored for years by waiting until the exact time that the classroom teacher was away making copies of work packets for the students next week, when it sprinted down the hall, through the abandoned school library and out the side door of the building. A passing motorist saw the novel on [...]

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319 books read completely in Spanish so far this school year in four classes of Spanish I and one class of Spanish III. This is a chart I asked student aides to make last week. Students were asked to indicate each book in Spanish they have read with a post-it note. They wrote their name and the title of each book they had read so far this school year. Only completely read books counted for this measurement. There is no contest, no prize, no score, no grade, no credit and therefore most likely no cheating. Just pride and learning. What [...]


For the last three weeks I have been experimenting with reading for the first 10 minutes of every class. The results are encouraging and I am inclined to keep up the practice. It seems to clam down the chattiness and get kids focused and ready to learn. Those first few minutes of class are so important--prime learning time that needs to be spent wisely. I want them engaging with interesting content and acquiring language during that time because it is more likely to stick. This reading time is starting to become a habit for all of us. It is getting [...]

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