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High Interest Easy Readers

Just in time for the summer book-reviewing season!  Here is the most recent list of what I call High Interest Easy Readers. It is not a complete list of all books available in Spanish, just the ones I am familiar with. These are all books that I have in my classroom that my students have read and have reported their impressions to me. I originally made this list to help my students and myself. The idea was to help them find suitable books and to keep track of how many words each student had read independently. But recently I realized [...]


I spend most of my classroom budget on books. Every school year I buy a box of dry erase markers and maybe some post it notes, but they rest of the money the school gives me is spent on books for our classroom library. My students need these books because they read. A lot. At this time of year some students are complaining that they have already read almost all of the books in the classroom library at their level. Many students have already read more than 15 titles, so I am always looking for more books and trying to [...]

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