Doing Just a Little Bit Extra Every Day

Doing the Same Thing Every Day vs. Doing Just a Little Bit Extra Every Day (1.00)365 = 1.00 (1.01)365 = 37.78 Small, consistent effort is the key. Whether it is learning a new teaching skill, developing sound classroom management, acquiring a new language, or instilling habits in yourself and your students, consistency is the key. And you don’t need herculean efforts. Just a little at a time will do. Trying to do it all at once is too much, but doing just a bit every day adds up after a while. As the folk saying goes: By the mile, it’s [...]

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Here's a fun parody rewrite of the traditional Mexican song La Llorona, updated for this trying time. The original La Llorona song is definitely one of the Songs All Spanish Students Need to Know. This parody version is written with simple Spanish, it repeats every line like the original (which increases comprehension), it acknowledges our students' situation—and it encourages them to stay home so they don't get themselves or others sick. Click here to download the lyrics to the parody in a printable form (with English translation). This lyrics document contains: The lyrics to the parody version, with English translation. How [...]

¡Hola, amigos! Please tune in over at the brycehedstrom.com Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/BryceHedstrom/) at 1:00 pm Pacific time on Monday for another Facebook Live event. There has been a lot of interest in our Storylabs app and the FREE online products, so we are scheduling another session to show you how to use them. Readings and activities for level 1 and level 2-3 will be demonstrated. Those that have signed up will be sent an invitation via email for a Zoom meeting on Tuesday, March 24 at 1:00 pm, Pacific to address your specific concerns. See you then!


Hope is on the way. Tune in to https://www.facebook.com/BryceHedstrom/  for a Facebook Live event Tuesday at 1:00 pm Pacific time, where we will give you links to FREE materials, activities and assessments for your Spanish students to make teaching easier for you and more engaging for your students. Short stories and articles that are engaging and cultural... and that your students will want to do. All in one place. All organized. Always getting better.

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At a neighborhood barbecue the other night I struck up a conversation with a couple of intelligent young professionals. The conversation eventually turned to reading and I asked them what books they had been reading lately. They both sheepishly confessed to reading fiction. I assured them that there was no shame in reading fiction. It’s not as if fiction were a second-class citizen of the reading world. In fact, the case for fiction is strong. I gave them my best short answer: “Fiction readers know more, understand more and feel more,” but of course, after dwelling on it for a [...]

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