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BER Seminars in December

I will be presenting seminars for the Bureau of Education and Research ( starting in December. BER is the leading provider of professional development and PD training resources for educators in North America. You have undoubtedly seen their maroon colored brochures for other excellent seminars in your school mail box over the years. Learn the best strategies that work for sustainable comprehensible-input based world language teaching in these comprehensive one-day seminars that are planned across the USA this upcoming school year. Read the seminar brochure here.    Attendees at the seminars I did in the spring said: "I loved, loved, loved getting [...]

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THE MONITOR HYPOTHESIS (Krashen’s Hypotheses of Language Acquisition Series, #2 of 9)

The next post in this series (#3/9), The Acquisition/Learning Hypothesis, is found here. MANIAC M: The Monitor Hypothesis "Knowing grammar rules can help students to monitor their speech and correct themselves." The first of Krashen's hypotheses we will discuss here is the monitor. This is for two reasons. First, every conversation among language teachers ends with discussing a point of grammar. We like language and we like figuring out how it works. We went into language teaching because we enjoy the nerdy side of it like debating the finer points of obscure grammar. The other reason is that whenever comprehensible input [...]

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Connie Navarro visited my classroom on March 8, 2018. Her observations are particularly valuable because she has so much experience observing CI teachers. Connie has been a Peer Observer in the Denver Public Schools for the last five years and is the president of the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers (CCFLT). She made the trip 50 miles north to observe my classes at the end of the day on the last day of the week (also the end of the quarter). It was such a pleasure discussing her observations afterwards. Since she has observed so many teachers she was [...]