This book will make your life easier and your teaching more effective. It is a compilation of the best comprehension checks for reading that I have discovered over 30 years of teaching and researching Free Voluntary Reading with my students. Whether you call it FVR, Sustained Silent Reading or Light Reading, when students read on their own magic happens. When it is taught well, self-selected reading is the best way to differentiate instruction and engage students. This book will show you how to do it--even with reluctant readers. With these best trade secrets from expert reading teachers you will be [...]


If you haven't implemented classroom jobs, think about it. They change the dynamic in the classroom by recruiting students to do the minimum wage tasks which gives the teacher time to think. Jobs let students share some of the load so that you can do what you are best suited to do. Students with jobs are more aware of what is happening in the classroom and can use their own initiative to deal with situations that come up and achieve limited goals. The shared responsibilities and power allows students to make some of the tactical decisions while the teacher focuses [...]


These are the Spanish classes our department will offer next year and  I couldn't be happier. Our school is medium sized (900 students), but we offer a diverse course listing. Traditional Courses: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4 and AP Spanish Language. Other courses: Native speakers have different needs than non-natives, so we have offered these two classes for some time: • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 (for those that have had little to no formal schooling--limited literacy in Spanish) • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 (for those that have had schooling and are close to grade level [...]

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This question comes from Adria, a Spanish I student of a teacher that uses my materials: Hello, my name is Adria ____. I go to _____ High School. My Spanish teacher has us read your stories and answer the questions but some of us had some questions about it. Like, why are the boys really creepy and the girls really crazy? Thanks for the good question, Adria. I write stories to keep students' attention. I want them to be compelling and motivating. Exaggerating tendencies that we all sense is one way of doing that. Most boys are mystified by girls' [...]


This saying occurs at the intersection of Chris Biffle's Whole Brain Teaching, Carol Dweck's Mindset, and Alina Filipescu's password idea. This was the password for last week in all class levels as I get kids accustomed to saying this to one another when they make a mistake. Here it is as a mini poster for your classroom door.

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