District Issues Leftover Eclipse Glasses for Teachers to Look at Brilliant New Ideas by State Board of Education

ST. LOUIS, MO—The rumors are confirmed: local authorities are issuing eclipse glasses to any teacher who wants to review the latest brilliant initiatives by the State Board of Education. “It’s just no longer worth the risk,” district public relations official Les Tokaboudit told reporters. “Every week in our great state thousands of teachers and citizens are exposed. Who knows how much irreversible eye damage has already occurred?” Reporters caught up with assistant superintendent Justina Pickle for comment, who confirmed: “Eclipse glasses are now required at all times when state mandates or initiatives are being discussed.”  Pickle went on to explain, [...]

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You know those one-sheet homemade ads you see on lampposts around town? The kind that are popular on college campuses? The kind with the little tear off tabs? I have been experimenting with similar fake ads for my students to enjoy before they get into the classroom. The goal is to use compelling comprehensible input. To "Control the vocabulary, but not the grammar," as Susan Gross says. It is high frequency vocabulary with un-sheltered grammar. The ads use the most common words and they are used in a natural sense. If the message calls for the past tense, the future [...]


This is a recent joke in Spanish (& in English on the second page: THE JOB AT THE ZOO ) that my kids liked. More and more, I like telling jokes that have an impact at multiple levels. This one is funny and students can relate to it, but it also addresses the impostor syndrome, that nagging feeling that we might just be faking our way through life. At least half of all successful people report feeling this way from time to time. A phrase that is crucial to understanding the punch line instantly is we are going to lose, so [...]

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