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Take advantage of the upcoming interest in La Llorona by teaching your students the real legend in Spanish with this embedded reading: A new movie about everyone's favorite scary  Mexican legend, La Llorona, is coming to the big screen this spring.  The Curse of La Llorona will be in theaters nation-wide beginning on April 19th. This is a feature film produced by James Wan (of Aquaman & The Conjuring fame), about the child-stealing, weeping woman of Mexican folklore. With these new resources, your students will be able to understand, read and even tell the story like never before:  

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‘La Preuve’ and The Case for Multi-Level Classrooms by Gerry Wass

“La preuve que il a existé c’était qu’il était ravissant.”  –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry A year and a half after retiring, I continue to get requests for help about how to run a multi-level language classroom.  Most come from teachers who already find themselves in this situation out of necessity, but others are intrigued because they believe that the model could produce a beneficial shift for them and for their students.  Many teachers are already doing some version and bring their positive experiences to the discussion. One of those recent requests came from Jen Schongolla, directed to both Michele Whaley and [...]


Ray, a high school Chinese teacher, was recently told that his level I, II, and III classes will be combined next year. Having read the original article by Gerry Wass about multi-level classes on this blog, he contacted me asking what I thought Gerry would advise. I forwarded Ray's main question to Gerry: "If a student took his Spanish class four years in a row, would he/she see the same TPRS lessons/vocab/grammar patterns every year but engage at a different level or would there be new material each year that wasn't there before.  In other words, did he cycle new material in [...]


These are the Spanish classes our department will offer next year and  I couldn't be happier. Our school is medium sized (900 students), but we offer a diverse course listing. Traditional Courses: Spanish 1, Spanish 2, Spanish 3, Spanish 4 and AP Spanish Language. Other courses: Native speakers have different needs than non-natives, so we have offered these two classes for some time: • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 1 (for those that have had little to no formal schooling--limited literacy in Spanish) • Spanish for Spanish Speakers 2 (for those that have had schooling and are close to grade level [...]

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Our friend and colleague Gerry Wass is retired from full time teaching. Here is a shot of his experience and wisdom. Hopefully with more time on his hands he will be able to write many more pieces like this. Gerry Wass was a teacher in the Purdy School District in southwest Missouri, with students in grades 6-12. He taught multi-level Spanish classes for four years and his Spanish Club members ran the Purdy Recycling Project, an industrial recycling that collected more than a million pounds of materials in ten years of operation. Gerry has retired from teaching but he is [...]