Here's a fun parody rewrite of the traditional Mexican song La Llorona, updated for this trying time. The original La Llorona song is definitely one of the Songs All Spanish Students Need to Know. This parody version is written with simple Spanish, it repeats every line like the original (which increases comprehension), it acknowledges our students' situation—and it encourages them to stay home so they don't get themselves or others sick. Click here to download the lyrics to the parody in a printable form (with English translation). This lyrics document contains: The lyrics to the parody version, with English translation. How [...]


Eres Tu Valentine's Day Activity This is an activity for the majority of students that feel the vomit rise in their mouth when they see over-the-top Valentine's Day expressions of puppy lust. All. Day. Long. It's been a hit with students for years. Use it as a brain break or as an activity to teach the original song Eres Tú to your students and allow them to have fun with the language (and their inner evil emperor. Think of it as an "Occupy Valentine's Day" activity for the 99% of students that do not have a romantic partner and feel awkward [...]

It’s Valentines Day. Again.

To mimic Bill Murray in Groundhog Day, it's Valentine's Day. Again. Every year on February 14, 20 over-the-top lovebirds in any given high school will send grand gestures of their adoration to the objects of their affection, while the other 782 students either attempt to keep from retching or feel vaguely inadequate. Here is a way to strike back at the empire of passion. With this activity students can learn some Spanish, have fun and release their creative (and mockingly evil side). I call it "El amor apesta" and students rewrite the lyrics to the song "Eres Tú", originally sung [...]

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Here is a fun full body movement song that you can use as a brain break: Sing the children's song "Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes" in the target language with different verbs and actions attached.  Even my high school students enjoy singing and acting it out. Here's how to do it:  Teach the body parts to the song with classical TPR. Do not let them know what's coming. Teach the body parts in random order over the course of two days. Instead of the normal TPR command of "touch", mix it up a bit by using "grab" and "point [...]

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(From Stuff for Spanish Class, by Bryce Hedstrom, p. 123-126   Here is a collection of songs that students need to hear and be able to sing before they leave each level of Spanish class.  YouTube renderings of these songs are found on the links below.  Lyrics, guitar chords, notes and graphics for most of these songs can be found in the book Songs for Spanish Class, and can be purchased on as a hard copy or an e-book download.   When you pre-teach the words before you sing, songs become an ideal teaching tool:  fun, repeated, comprehensible [...]

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Revised Songs for Spanish Class

Bryce's Songs for Spanish Class book has been revised and updated.  Introduction to the Revised Edition The songs in this book are timeless. They will not go out of style in a year or two so you will be able to sing these songs with your students for years to come. Many are standards that are well known throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Spanish speakers tend to sing in groups more than English speakers do and the rich heritage of group singing is not fading away in Hispanic culture as quickly as it is in the English. We can impart some [...]

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