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Reading Quotes w Citations  These are quotations you will want to be aware of about why reading is so important for language acquisition and how to read with students. They are from leading thinkers in world language. There are categories on The Efficiency of Reading, Reading & Vocabulary, Reading & Grammar, Reading Aloud to Students, Authentic Texts, Reading Versus Video, and Self-Selected Reading. Each quote also has the scholarly source so you can look them up yourself and quote them with confidence. Here are a couple of my favorites: STUDENTS CAN ACQUIRE DIFFICULT GRAMMAR JUST BY READING “The only significant predictor of the [...]

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I Want My Students to Produce More & Better Output!

We all want more and better output from our students, but how does that happen? The iceberg is students' total acquisition. The part above the water line is what they can say and write–the messages they can produce. The bigger part under water is what students can comprehend by listening and reading–the messages they can understand. If the iceberg is a reasonable analogy for language acquisition, there is only one reliable way to do that: make the whole iceberg bigger. The top of the iceberg increases when the bottom gets bigger. The more students understand, the more they will be [...]

Spanish Teacher Accused of Appropriating Math Teacher Culture

February 24, 2020 SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH—Spanish teacher Teo Retica Mente has been accused of using non-communicative teaching methods, a serious allegation. But even more serious is the allegation that by so doing, he has appropriated math teacher culture. Mente habitually teaches using formulas and long explanations in English with no real communication in the target language. Since discovering the pilfering 0f their methods, "Señor Mente” has become a target in the math education community. “Pure theory with no application to the outside world is our thing!" said one offended algebra teacher. "Stop appropriating math culture!" "Pi!  Pi! Pi r [...]


In September I was a guest lecturer at professor Nyssa Knarvik’s graduate class in teaching methods for world languages at Colorado State University. All of the students were teaching either college or high school classes. I talked about Krashen’s hypotheses and gave a demo of a TPRS-style story. I was invited back for another lecture in November. Here are the questions the students had about teaching with comprehensible input. Thanks to all who responded for sharing their ideas on how respond to these questions, especially Kristen Noelle Donoghue Wolf, Lance Piantaggini, Jen Schongalla, Christine Garrabrant Aguiar. Do you discuss these [...]

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THE INPUT HYPOTHESIS (Krashen’s Hypotheses Series, #5 of 9)

(Previous post in this series: The Natural Order of Acquisition) The next post in this series, The Affective Filter Hypothesis (#6/9) is found here. Focus like a MANIAC I: The Input Hypothesis This is the big one "Comprehensible input is the cause of language acquisition."   This is the most influential of Krashen’s hypotheses—the one that has changed the way world languages are taught. It asserts that we develop language ability when we understand messages in the target language. Languages are not acquired by studying, by traditional practice, or by listening and repeating. Languages are acquired as we hear or [...]

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