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Noah Schilling is a third year Spanish teacher and has been using Special Person interviews with his students for about a year. Here are his observations and reflections: The ¨Special Person Interview¨ activity has been a game-changer in my Spanish classroom. It is such a dynamic activity, that can really be used at any level. As I continue to practice it, the activity is proving to be a classroom culture builder that empowers students and provides comprehensible input in the target language. The interview format mixed with check-ins with the whole class, allows for many repetitions in both the ¨I¨ [...]

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  Thanks to Kirstin Plante of tprsacademy.com in The Netherlands for translating the Persona Especial posters into Dutch. See the Dutch classroom posters here. Dank u zeer, Kirstin! There are also "Persona Especial" posters in Spanish, French, German, Latin, Japanese, Russian and Hebrew on the brycehedstrom.com "Free Stuff" page: https://www.brycehedstrom.com/free-stuff

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Engaging students at a personal level is the way to their hearts and minds. Aaron Mendelsohn, a high school teacher in Massachusetts, sent me this note the other day: I just want to share with you that I have gotten A LOT of mileage out of Persona Especial!  What a great activity.  Thank You! When I asked him to elaborate, he replied with this: Persona Especial has been a success for a number of reasons.  I'm gonna start off by sharing what was on my mind when I wrote to you a few days ago:  PE is almost a O [...]

‘La Preuve’ and The Case for Multi-Level Classrooms by Gerry Wass

“La preuve que il a existé c’était qu’il était ravissant.”  –Antoine de Saint-Exupéry A year and a half after retiring, I continue to get requests for help about how to run a multi-level language classroom.  Most come from teachers who already find themselves in this situation out of necessity, but others are intrigued because they believe that the model could produce a beneficial shift for them and for their students.  Many teachers are already doing some version and bring their positive experiences to the discussion. One of those recent requests came from Jen Schongolla, directed to both Michele Whaley and [...]


Connie Navarro visited my classroom on March 8, 2018. Her observations are particularly valuable because she has so much experience observing CI teachers. Connie has been a Peer Observer in the Denver Public Schools for the last five years and is the president of the Colorado Congress of Foreign Language Teachers (CCFLT). She made the trip 50 miles north to observe my classes at the end of the day on the last day of the week (also the end of the quarter). It was such a pleasure discussing her observations afterwards. Since she has observed so many teachers she was [...]