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Free Online Resources for Language Teachers

We are here to help you get across this tough time with FREE resources. Click here for the link to sign up with Storylabs and to connect with the Facebook Live event on Monday, March 3o at 1:00 pm Pacific. I have teamed up with author Virginia Hildebrand and Storylabs to offer Spanish teachers help.  You can choose from a variety of levels and themes, all organized and easy to link to your virtual classroom. Other languages coming soon. There are readings and activities for many levels: • Whole novels for upper levels • Beginner readings with sheltered vocabulary using [...]

LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE: A Culture Changed by a Work of Art

  The day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is December 12. Spanish students deserve to know about this holiday and it's deep religious and cultural symbolism. Students need to know that this image sparked one of he greatest sociological and cultural shifts in history and changed the mental landscape of Latin America forever. Here is the story of La Virgen de Guadalupe in two novice-level Spanish versions. Your Spanish 1 and 2 students will be able to read them and your upper level students will benefit greatly from the deeper historical and cultural understanding. LA VIRGEN DE GUADALUPE SIMPLIFIED LA [...]


Will you be back to school with students on Monday, August 21? What a great day to be back, the day a total eclipse of the sun will pass across the middle of the USA. Talk about compelling input and cross-curricular learning! Here is how to set up a safe viewing experience of the eclipse with your Spanish classes in simple level 1 Spanish. If your school is back in session you have the opportunity to spark your students' wonder and curiosity by talking about the eclipse in the target language. Most of the country will see a partial eclipse, [...]

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 POR QUÉ EXISTEN LAS ESTACIONES DEL AÑO This lesson is a brief departure from stories. It is still interesting comprehensible input, but this time in the form of a reading in high frequency Spanish about  why seasons exist on the earth. As an avid cyclist, it amazes me that students sometimes do not appreciate (?) or even notice (!) the changing seasons, let alone having the ability to explain why they exist. After spending some time talking about this concept, drawing pictures, pointing at maps and globes, and extensive questioning they can explain it in Spanish. A lesson like this [...]


Yesterday I had the honor of attending the presentation of the final thesis presentation for Rachel, a French student and senior at Colorado State University. Rachel became interested in TPRS two years ago when I presented on the subject in her Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages classes, taught by Dr. Frederique Grimm. It is precisely this type of engagement at the university level and among new teachers that we need to see. Once students graduate and get into a new teaching job the daily demands become so overwhelming that survival is the only thing on most of their minds--not much new learning [...]

Light Reading Hits: Spanish I

This is a continuation of the reports on light reading a couple of days ago: Not every student gets free reading time.  Even after months of regular, structured free reading, where I continually coach them on choosing reading materials and where I highlight materials they may have overlooked almost every week, some just do not get it. They just don't seem to like it and they don't understand what we are trying to accomplish. But some do.  This is a report on those that do. These are all students in a second semester Spanish I class that have been doing [...]