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For the last three weeks I have been experimenting with reading for the first 10 minutes of every class. The results are encouraging and I am inclined to keep up the practice. It seems to clam down the chattiness and get kids focused and ready to learn. Those first few minutes of class are so important--prime learning time that needs to be spent wisely. I want them engaging with interesting content and acquiring language during that time because it is more likely to stick. This reading time is starting to become a habit for all of us. It is getting [...]

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Students in my Spanish 3 classes are required to select and read a book every two weeks. The only criteria are that the book be interesting and comprehensible to them. After reading they write a reaction, usually in the form of a Light Reading Book Report ( https://www.brycehedstrom.com/…/LIGHT-READING-BOOK-REPORTS3.… ). This week the contrast between two students in one class could not have been greater. I will explain below, but first these questions: • How could two novels with extremely different reading levels both be the right books for two students in the same class? • Could a teacher justify giving [...]

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1. They doubt it will work. With traditional models of teaching hovering about us, doubts about classroom jobs are absolutely normal. Don’t beat yourself up for wondering if this will work. You are doing this for your sanity, even if no one else gets it. If you stick with it, you will succeed! 2. They begin to focus. When you first start to look at the tasks that need to be done in a classroom just a few potential classroom jobs will come to mind. But as the idea of sharing responsibility starts catching on you will see how much [...]

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Kindergarten Reading with Big Book & Student Teacher The highlight of the week in my Spanish language classes is usually Kindergarten Reading time. My students enjoy being read to and I enjoy reading to them. It generally happens towards the end of the period on Thursdays. Normally I read picture books to them (big books if I can find them) while they listen, sit on the floor and eat cookies. Here is a list of picture books in Spanish that my students have enjoyed over the years. Some are big books. If you type the ISBN into a [...]


Here are some questions by Karen O., a Spanish 1 & 2 teacher that is starting a free reading program at her school. Hello Bryce, I just read How to Prevent Readicide NTPRS 2012 and your other handouts on Light Reading specifically for levels 1 and 2. Thank you so much for sharing them. Here are my questions: 1. Do you have kids do a Light Reading novel before or after an Academic Reading novel? Or does it matter? I have kids do free reading for a couple of months before they read a novel for a Light Reading Book Report. I barely [...]


Last week three teachers from one school came to observe for an entire day. Here are some observations by award-winning middle school teacher, Jessica C. from Colorado Springs: Bryce, I just wanted to thank you for letting me spend the day observing your classes. I just can't say enough great things about your program. You have created the perfect formula for a successful language learner. It's engaging, it's fun, it's motivating, it's inclusive and it's enjoyable.  After implementing your ideas my first WEEK Spanish students (not even first year... these are kids who have not even been exposed to the [...]