We can all benefit from Coaching.

One on One Coaching for TeachersWhether you are a newbie or a veteran, having a coach can launch your career to another level.

When you have a coach you can;

~Make Positive Change
~Regain Control
~Change Your Life

We can help you get to that next level, no matter what your career is!

Choose from one of these Coaching sessions below:

    • 1 session: $125
    • 3 sessions: $289
    • 6 sessions: $519
    • 12 sessions: $912
  •  You can now earn University Credits with Coaching sessions (3, 6 or 12 sessions only).

What People Are Saying about Coaching

“As a new teacher, I look for all the information I can to help me teach better—podcast, books, Facebook groups, etc.—but the 3 sessions I had with Bryce have been the single most helpful thing to me and my teaching. Also, I was able to instantly apply the knowledge he gave me in my classes and the difference has been astounding. I’ve signed up for 12 more sessions for the upcoming school year.”                            

-Lee N., Spanish Teacher, Texas

“If there were a Teacher of the Century Prize, Bryce Hedstrom would be a top candidate. He is superb at teaching teachers to teach effectively, and at persuading school administrators and parents. He understands how language acquisition works and convincingly gets practical ideas across to all audiences. He is my first choice for a complete package on language teaching that really gets results.”                 

-Contee Seely, Founder of Command Performance Books, California 

“I won an hour-long mentoring session with Bryce and used it this week to prepare for an interview.  He is so knowledgeable and helpful
that I went into the interview feeling calm and prepared.  Before having this coaching session, Bryce had already changed my career because I use his methods of Comprehensible Input (Special Persons Interviews and Rejoinders) and my students are enjoying class while acquiring the language.  My students are much more engaged and they speak Spanish because they want to.  Bryce is an amazing leader in acquisition based learning and a star to follow in learning how to use Comprehensible Input in the classroom.  If you are looking for new ideas to make your classroom better, set up a individualized mentoring session with Bryce, you won’t be disappointed.”                                                           
-Mindy P., Spanish Teacher, Wisconsin