The links below are blogs and websites I recommend as additional resources for teaching with Comprehensible Input. Please note that they open up in a new window.

Blogs I Recommend:

Grant Boulanger Masterful TCI/TPRS middle school teacher in Minnesota. He has those kids in the palm of his hands and molds them like clay. I am working on being able to teach like that someday:

Jim Tripp‘s web site, Tripp’s Scripts, offers an insightful and funny blog filled with effective CI ideas.

Lauren Tauchman Enthusiastic middle school teacher with balanced ideas on teaching and motivating students with CI:

Martina Bex from New York is as mesmerizing as she is competent and charming. Read her insightful blog, The Comprehensible Classroom, here:

Mike Peto from North Carolina has a blog, My Generation of Polyglots, that frequently addresses the needs of upper level TPRS teachers:

Bryan Kandel has a growing bank of useful and fun TPRS stories and a regular blog:

Laurie Clarq California expert on TPRS with the consistent, loving touch we all need to keep working on:

Robert Harrell:

Michele Whaley Gentle, yet cutting-edge insight by an award-winning Russian teacher in Alaska:

Justin Slokum Bailey: Indwelling Language


Websites I Recommend:

Stephen Krashen The champion explainer, researcher and defender of CI; Intellectual & comprehensible:

Ginni Hildebrandt is a rising author. Her web site name, One Good Story, says it all. It just takes one good story to hook a kid for life. Ginni writes engaging novels, filled with authentic photographs, that are set in key parts of the Spanish-speaking world where the location, history and culture become integral parts of the story

Kristin Duncan TPRS Spanish & French teacher from Alberta, Canada.  A regular , fun blog and a valuable clearinghouse of all things TPRS/TCI, a treasure trove of resources in the field. This is where I go when I am stumped–Kristin has it:

Blaine Ray Inventor of TPRS: materials for all languages, workshops, National TPRS Conference info:

Carol Gaab Dynamic presenter, conference organizer, author of quality CI novels, curricula, materials and webinars:

Kristi Placido Delightful presenter from Michigan; engaging novels, workshops and blog:

Beniko Mason Theory and research supporting CI, a former student taking up the mantle of Dr Krashen:

Karen Rowan (TPRS workshops and materials, Fluency Fast Language classes, IJFLT):

Embedded Reading A web site dedicated to exploring and sharing this relatively new and useful technique for scaffolding reading: