Darcy Pippins & Stephen Krashen: How Well Do TPRS Students Do On The AP Darcy Pippins

Karen Lichtman, PhD

Dynamic Language Learning: Over 80 academic studies compiled by Dynamic Language Learning:

Stephen Krashen: The champion explainer, researcher and defender of CI; Intellectual & comprehensible research:

Barb Watson: A Comparison of TPRS and Traditional Foreign Language Instruction: Barb Watson



The links below are blogs and websites I recommend as additional resources for teaching with Comprehensible Input. Please note that they open up in a new window.

Storylabs is an innovative way for students to read and engage online:

JJ Epperson has got it all: organized, up-to-date, solidly based in SLA theory and CI practice. Find her website: here  (

Lauren Tauchman is a enthusiastic middle school teacher with balanced ideas on teaching and motivating students with CI:

Martina Bex from New York is as mesmerizing as she is competent and charming. Read her insightful blog, The Comprehensible Classroom, here:

Bryan Kandel has a growing bank of useful and fun TPRS stories and a regular blog:

Laurie Clarq California expert on TPRS with the consistent, loving touch we all need to keep working on:

Michele Whaley Gentle, yet cutting-edge insight by an award-winning Russian teacher in Alaska:

Kristi Placido Delightful presenter from Michigan; engaging novels, workshops and blog:

Devon Gunning offers frequent ideas for teaching Spanish and French: