We can all benefit from coaching.

One on One Coaching for TeachersWhether you are a newbie or a veteran, coaching can launch your teaching to another level.

Bryce can help you get to that next level of teaching, no matter what it is you teach!

You will find here a package that will fit your needs:

  • 1 coaching session: $75
  • 3 coaching sessions: $199 (SAVE $26)
  • 6 coaching sessions: $359 (SAVE $91)
  • 12 coaching sessions: $659 (SAVE $241)

Contact us regarding pricing for group coaching: contact@brycehedstrom.com

“If there were a Teacher of the Century Prize, Bryce Hedstrom would be a top candidate. He is superb at teaching teachers to teach effectively, and at persuading school administrators and parents. He understands how language acquisition works and convincingly gets practical ideas across to all audiences. He is my first choice for a complete package on language teaching that really gets results.” —Contee Seely