EBOOK-Assessing Spanish Proficiency with Stories (by Eric Herman)

EBOOK-Assessing Spanish Proficiency with Stories (by Eric Herman)


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Thirty 400 word stories written with the 300 highest frequency words in Spanish as the starting point for different communicative tasks. Quality, comprehension-based assessment is the missing piece in SLA.

“I put the development of new kinds of tests at the top of the list because of the importance of tests in shaping all that we do and think in the classroom. . . If we teach for communicative competence, we have to test for communicative competence.” (Communicative Approach Expert, Sandra J. Savignon, 1976, p. 5).

With this guide and these texts, proficiency testing can finally become a common practice in the classroom, which can have widespread effects on how we teach, namely, enabling more communicative language teaching. New approaches require new testing methods. This is the book teachers need (and long overdue in the language teaching field) with potential to be a game-changer.

*Includes the guidebook content from “Assessing Proficiency in the Classroom” (plus stories and quizzes).

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