EBOOK-Expressing Desire – Teaching the Subjunctive #1


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This is an extended lesson that explains in detail how to craft an engaging story which focuses on the subjunctive mood. It will really help teachers to get a feel for teaching with storytelling because it describes the thought processes used all along the way as winner story unfolds with a class. Includes color illustrations, four extended readings, quizzes, lists of grammar and vocabulary used in the stories, and a long term unit plan. Permission to make copies for your classroom with purchase. 54 pages.

Although the story is in Spanish, the ideas and questioning techniques modeled in this training resource can apply to any language class.

What teachers are saying about this lesson:

Martin Anders, Germany:
Thank you so much for these materials! I teach French, not Spanish, but nevertheless your materials have proven helpful to me. With my 10th graders I did the subjunctive story. It was quite a success and by far the best thing I ever did to teach the subjunctive in French.

Susan Gross, Colorado:
Holy COW!!!! When you write something, it is truly a thing of beauty! What a darling lesson and really good stories! Not only is it pedagogically gorgeous; your explanations are incredibly supportive and helpful. Very creative and lots of fun to read. Just a fantastic job, Bryce.

Lynette Lange, Illinois:
Thanks so much for this lesson. Great lesson, it is very helpful.

Julie Formby, Colorado:
Wow, Bryce! It is really helpful to see the method in writing! When observing you model the teaching method, there are so many details and tactics to take note of that it is difficult to hone in on all of them. Having it written out stresses the different facets that need to be addressed, so I find it easier to follow and solidify in my thoughts! I think you did a great job giving examples and the rationale behind each one.

Lavinia Rogers, New Jersey:
This reading is wonderful and really helped me to see how to use the subjunctive in my own classes. I feel like I have been in the mind of a genius.


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