EBOOK: La Mujer y El Perro Pequeño

EBOOK: La Mujer y El Perro Pequeño


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La mujer y el perro pequeño is a fun story based on a popular urban legend commonly known as The Mexican Pet. It can be taught to a level I class in 2-3 weeks. The story is scaffolded in a series of versions. Each new version retells the story but adds to the complexity and detail and is twice as long as the previous one: Version A is told with 82 total words, Version B with 181, Version C with 363, and the final extended version with 852 words. Students acquire and review vocabulary and structures with each version. The surprise ending is not revealed until the end of the extended version. Each version introduces 6-8 new words or grammatical structures. Assessments with open-ended questions and higher level thinking questions are included for each version. [Read a sample of this book]
25 pages.


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