EBOOK-Tripp’s Scripts (by Jim Tripp)

EBOOK-Tripp’s Scripts (by Jim Tripp)


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What Jim says about Tripp’s Scripts:

“Included in this book are 40 story scripts, tried and tested in a real classroom setting. The scripts are designed not only to help you create fun and lively stories in your classroom, but also to inspire you to add your own original twists and to adapt them to fit your individual needs.

There are many scripts in this book that will undoubtedly be very successful for you in class. Others might not work at all. That’s the nature of asking stories: we personalize content to fit the students’ interests and needs, not the other way around.

Anne Matava’s TPRS Story Scripts Vol. 1 and 2 have undoubtedly influenced my approach to scripting stories. Her simple and intriguing scripts have affected the way I implement TPRS in my classroom. This book is in true Matava form, and I thank her for her leadership as an excellent TPRS script writer and for her willingness to share her material with us.”


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