El brazalete mágico is a book for older readers that touches upon more mature themes such as bereavement, grief, loneliness, connection with nature, supernatural powers, animals’ rights, and animals’ freedom. The book depicts a world of magical realism where magic, reality and dream are intertwined in a story about animal rights and the conservation of our environment.

Alondra lives in an animal sanctuary up in the mountains of El Avila National Park in Venezuela. She grew up without a mother and after the sudden death of her grandmother in a forest fire, Alondra is left alone without a female figure in her life. Alondra is isolated, lost in her sadness and her fears.

Fears? Just the one. Alondra has a terrible phobia of snakes. But she lives surrounded by them… When Alondra is outside, she is in constant fear of the unseen animals sliding silently through the mountains. When she is at home, she tries to stay away from the snake house where they care for the most dangerous snakes in Venezuela, like the tiger butterfly or Tigra mariposa (a very venomous and aggressive snake with a butterfly-shaped pattern on its back).  When Alondra is asleep, she is chased by fire snake and relives the death of her grandmother again and again. Her life is a nightmare.

One day, while helping her father at the snake house, Alondra makes a mistake. She lets loose the Tigra Mariposa. Her worst nightmare becomes true! Then with the help of an unimaginable ally, Alondra sets out on an extraordinary journey to bring the snake back despite her phobias. It will be a journey of self-discovery. But who is she, and why does tragedy haunt her family? What is her destiny?

CONTENT GUIDANCE: grief, death of a character, snakes, supernatural elements: spiritual connection with nature and animals: evil spirit sets fire to a house causing the death of a character, transformation of a human character into an animal.

Targeted Level:

  • Level 2
  • Unique Word Count: 225
  • Total Word Count: 5,700