A story of hope for the Amazon rainforest

It is the year 2064 and the Amazon rainforest is gone. All the trees have been cut down and all that remains is one ancient tree, an indigenous woman and a little blue bird. Follow the bird on its journey through a grey, empty world in search of a colorful future, trying to save those left behind and what’s left of the forest.

The story of EL ÚLTIMO ÁRBOL- The Last Tree – invites us to imagine a world where most of the trees have disappeared. But it is not a sad story. It’s a story of hope, because we can still do something; it’s not too late to save the forest. Sometimes hope for a better future is all it takes to make us act. Hope can be a thing with feathers. Maybe just a little blue bird…

Additional Info:

  • Level 1
  • Unique Word Count: 60
  • Total Word Count: 1,735