This engaging graphic novel is a colorful story collection of real-life Colombian townspeople: from the muleteers, Catholic priests, firefighters, the ice cream man and even the American tourist! The graphics are akin to their human counterparts: real people with real careers coming together to give us a look into their lives. These people tell their stories through authentic, repetitive and comprehensible Spanish. And La profe shares her unrestrained joy through dance and carefree confidence. Who doesn’t want to share that with their Spanish classes?

“Feliz como una lombriz: a relevant social message! This WHOLE story started way before the music video was made in Bochalema, Colombia. That small town showed up with their grandmas and dogs to bring this story alive… as they should! You must watch the music video after reading this book!  The majority of the actors are Bochalema residents portraying their real-life professions. Many of the scenes were filmed in real places: from the police station to the school, the church and the veterinarian’s office. How cool is that? The characters and mini stories in this book are the background of a beautiful concept: Joy is contagious!