Feliz cumpleanos (by A.C. Quintero)

Feliz cumpleanos (by A.C. Quintero)




Liliana has bitten off more than she can chew and her secret life has spiraled out of control. One can only shove their skeletons into a closet for so long before they begin to march out, one by one. Liliana, however, is far from being the sole keeper of bones: someone has a secret darker than hers. While at a “friend’s” house, Liliana stumbles upon perplexing discoveries…the kind for which people may kill. Time is running out and Liliana must make a decision. For every decision, there is a trail of consequences. Liliana will soon discover that everyone’s closet holds skeletons…but some bones are bigger than others!

Targeted Level

  • Spanish 1
  • Present tense
  • 3,100 Word Count
  • 100 Unique Word Count


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