Complete set of 4 12 x 18 posters, $25.00

Rejoinders are short sayings that help to keep a conversation going. This is a series of four full-color posters that will help students to respond in Spanish in your classroom. Intuitive graphics and colors make the categories memorable and clear. These posters and the corresponding “cheat sheets” will give your students the tools they need to react spontaneously to the stories they hear in your class. The rejoinders have been carefully crafted to reflect real life conversations and emotional responses. My students love spouting off in Spanish with the help of these posters. Categories include: Approval, Disapproval, Amazement, Disbelief, Sympathy, Kidding, Apathy, and Miscellaneous.

“When I observe Bryce’s Spanish classes I see kids blurting out reactions in Spanish all over the place. Sometimes it sounds like popcorn popping in there! Of course, the blurting is not forced, but spontaneous, as the kids are appropriately reacting to the class conversations and stories. I think it’s the rejoinders that Bryce has on his classroom walls.” –Ben Slavic