Seis nombres is based on six true stories in which the identity of Mexican-American girls are formed by the names they are called. This novel shows us that how we act, and react, to the words of others is important. Teachers, family, friends, and enemies can use words to build us up or tear us down. But do we have to let their labels define us?

Although I have encouraged these young women to tell their own stories, they were not comfortable doing so completely on their own. I felt their stories were too important and too relevant for so many of our students that they needed to be shared (with the encouragement and permission of the girls of course).

Some of the minor details and names have been changed to keep their identities anonymous and to make the novel more comprehensible. The book also has a twist ending that is sure to surprise your students.

Seis nombres has all color illustrations created by an amazing student of mine.

Targeted Level:

  • Level: 2/3
  • Unique Word Count: 360
  • Total Word Count: 2,540