This post goes out in support of our beloved colleague Michele Whaley.  Teaching with comprehensible input and occasional translation makes sense because students don’t acquire language from incomprehensible input. Many foreign language instructors are attracted to input-based teaching. They get that students cannot acquire unless they hear the language. So they try to provide experiences in class that are similar to the way children learn by using only the target language (TL) in class. But this attempt at immersion is ineffective because children have thousands of hours to help them learn figure it out. Children are exposed to  incomprehensible input [...]


The administrators at my school were all replaced three years ago and I have been working to explain C.I. based teaching to them with frequent visits in the halls, invitations to come observe and forwarded emails.  I recently was observed by our assistant principal and her comments below give me hope that she is getting it.  I have been concerned about how my TPRS teaching would be evaluated with the new rubrics for teachers we have here in Colorado. I am sharing this not to boast, but to give hope and some strategies for those that are under skeptical scrutiny. . It [...]