Preferred Activity Time Activities


Here are some more PAT activities shared by Diane Volzer: Hangman Around the World Sr. Wooly lyric game contest (if you can reserve computer lab and don't mind the noise! I did this is pairs in a small class.) Charades Simon Says (works for the first few weeks of level I) Manzanas a Manzanas/Apples to Apples (make my own cards and use each year) La BombaRunning Dictation Flashcard Centers (set up "stations" for kids to visit in pairs and quiz each other) Mafia (upper level II and up) Remember that kids can help make some of your materials.  For example, [...]

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P.A.T. (Preferred Activity Time) Activities #1

I mentioned PAT a few days ago and have been getting some requests for examples. . The idea of Preferred Activity Time as a positive consequence for desirable class behavior comes from Fred Jones' book "Tools for Teaching"".   On his web site he has many ideas, and you may want to check there (, look in the PAT Bank).  There are hundreds of great ideas, but having a repertoire of just a few winner activities tailored for your subject that kids understand and anticipate are all you really need. . Here are a couple of PAT activities that have worked with my students: [...]

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Supporting Content in Other Classes: Number Activities with Multiplication (Also works as a P.A.T. Activity)

In many school districts there is a big push to be sure that all students have their basic math skills down and the classroom teachers in all other content areas are asked to help.  Apparently many students do not have their times tables down pat and this is affecting their ability to do higher math.   So in an attempt help out (this is not exactly making lemonade from lemons, but it is close), I have temporarily put up a big multiplication chart (#'s up to 12 x 12) on the wall of my classroom—I just blew up an 8 ½ [...]