Socrates and Foreign Language

Socrates and TRPS Revisited

Chris, a reader of this blog, used some of the ideas in the recent post Socrates and Teaching Foreign Language 11/2/11 ( in a college class.  His professor had some questions before giving him a grade on his paper.  He shared those questions and gave permission for me to share them here on the blog.  Here are my comments: 1.  What is the relationship between the method of “circling” and the Socratic method? The teacher is directing the conversation with constant questioning. The teacher has an end in mind and is guiding the student toward it by means of this series of questions.  The questions direct [...]

Socrates and Teaching Foreign Language 11/2/11

The main thing that many students learn in a foreign language class is that learning another language is just way too hard for them.  They mainly learn that they stink at it.  They think that becoming fluent is beyond them and that they will never get it.  But they are wrong.  All students can learn another language.  They can learn if their teachers will skillfully ask series of questions that lead them to fluency. It has been said that reading about Plato is much more difficult than actually reading Plato.  Philosophers and professors have written such complicated essays about Plato [...]