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In September I was a guest lecturer in Nyssa Knarvik’s Teaching Methodology for Foreign Language Instruction graduate course at Colorado State University. I talked about Krashen’s hypotheses and gave a demo of a TPRS-style story. I have been invited back in November. Here are some questions the students have about TPRS/CI. These are good questions by a sharp group of graduate students, all of whom are currently teaching. I have some answers in mind, but I am interested in finding out what members of the group are thinking. Please share what you would add or alter in the responses below. [...]


I have been very fortunate to have been visited by two master teachers in the past two weeks: Connie Navarro and Karen Rowan. Now here are the observations by a set of fresh eyes. Noah is a second year teacher from a Christian school in Denver, full of ideas and hope, who had asked to visit my classroom. Here are his observations. I had heard about Bryce through some colleagues in the Spanish Teaching world. When I read that this was his final year teaching, I decided I better try to observe him while I still had the opportunity. When I [...]


It’s interview time again. All over the country administrative teams are sitting through tedious interviews with world language teacher candidates, smiling benignly and trying to stay awake. But help is here! This handy Buzzword Bingo card makes interviewing fun again. Simply mark every time one of the dubious, outdated or ineffective teaching practices on the card is mentioned or implied to weed out candidates the fun way. The first interviewer that gets a BINGO and works the word “bingo” into a comment or question wins! Hesitation, blank looks or omissions by the interviewee when answering questions also count, so pay [...]


I will be presenting a workshop in Oakland, California on Monday, March 26 at Redwood Day School. The focus of this workshop will be teaching with comprehensible input in a K-8 program. This will be a day of learning engaging, practical techniques to get you revitalized and to get your students understanding and interacting in the target language. It will also be a unique opportunity to network with other like-minded teachers in the East Bay area. You can register for it here. Includes breakfast and lunch.

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Supreme Court Makes Teaching without Knowing Supporting Educational Theory a Felony

WASHINGTON, D.C.—In a landmark decision, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down the first ruling of the new year approving felony convictions for teachers that cannot describe the theories of learning upon which their teaching is based. Many of the jurists, who are also visiting professors at prestigious universities during court recesses, were flabbergasted to find out that a sizeable percentage of US teachers could not name a single theory of learning or any research supporting their educational practice. The testimony of expert witness Alfie Kohn, a well-respected U.S. author and educator, was pivotal in the final decision. Kohn’s biting observation [...]


Get Bryce's new book on classroom passwords here. This project grew out of a short blog post. I was enthusiastic about the results I was getting with passwords with my students and wanted to share what was working with my colleagues. Originally it was just a few examples of passwords that had worked for me and an invitation to share ideas. It could have been written as a blog series, but I just kept adding to the original post. This is the result. As ideas from the original short blog post began to flow comments, questions and suggestions from colleagues [...]