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The Ho-Chunk special person poster is now available. Ho-Chunk is a native American language. There are members of the Ho-Chunk nation all over North America, but the nation is centered in Wisconsin. I feel fortunate and honored to have had the opportunity to visit, observe and design a program to teach Ho-Chunk teachers acquisition-based techniques to help them to preserve their language, culture and identity. See the Ho-Chunk Special Person classroom poster here. Thanks to Shena Munden, from the Ho-Chunk nation in Wisconsin for the translation.

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When you feel discouraged, keep at it my friends. You do not know what the long-term results of your teaching will be. This is a recent letter from Rachel, a college French graduate who has dealt with the consequences of a traumatic head injury and many personal challenges over the past several years. Her perseverance and ingenuity, as well as the power of acquisition-based teaching are both on display here. Dear Mr. Hedstrom, The other day I got into a minor traffic accident. The other driver spoke only Spanish, but I ended up feeling like a TPRS superstar because I [...]

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When you start a daily self-selected reading program your students will complain–even if you provide a wide selection. Even if you allow them to to select what they read. when the complaints roll in, have faith that they will subside if you stay strong. Here's what has worked for me: 1) Make this poster an place it prominently in the front of your classroom: “Picking up word meanings by reading is 10 times faster than intensive vocabulary instruction.” ―Stephen Krashen, The Power of Reading When the daily whining begins, point your laser pointer at the poster. Make no expression on your [...]

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Noah Schilling is a third year Spanish teacher and has been using Special Person interviews with his students for about a year. Here are his observations and reflections: The ¨Special Person Interview¨ activity has been a game-changer in my Spanish classroom. It is such a dynamic activity, that can really be used at any level. As I continue to practice it, the activity is proving to be a classroom culture builder that empowers students and provides comprehensible input in the target language. The interview format mixed with check-ins with the whole class, allows for many repetitions in both the ¨I¨ [...]

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