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We are here to help you get across this tough time with FREE resources. Click here for the link to sign up with Storylabs and to connect with the Facebook Live event on Monday, March 3o at 1:00 pm Pacific. I have teamed up with author Virginia Hildebrand and Storylabs to offer Spanish teachers help.  You can choose from a variety of levels and themes, all organized and easy to link to your virtual classroom. Other languages coming soon. There are readings and activities for many levels: • Whole novels for upper levels • Beginner readings with sheltered vocabulary using [...]


Hope is on the way. Tune in to  for a Facebook Live event Tuesday at 1:00 pm Pacific time, where we will give you links to FREE materials, activities and assessments for your Spanish students to make teaching easier for you and more engaging for your students. Short stories and articles that are engaging and cultural... and that your students will want to do. All in one place. All organized. Always getting better.

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If students are reluctant to read for the joy of it, maybe a bit of reverse psychology will help... Print this out or just project it during free reading time as a reverse psychology judo move motivator.   Nobody wants to be fooled or controlled, but if you don't read that's probably happening to you and you don't even know it.

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Brett, an experienced Spanish teacher in South Carolina, writes: Hi Bryce, I was just reading your article about 9 Steps to FVR. I'm trying to build up my reading materials. I basically have none at my new school. Would you recommend prioritizing based on getting a bunch of different books or buying class sets of a couple of select books? Good question. I would go with a bunch of different books. Here's why: Students acquire more language when they can choose their own reading materials. The free choice aspect gives them more buy-in and more engagement. When they can decide what [...]


    It can be tempting to speak a lot of L1 in the early days of the school year, but if you teach high frequency verbs and some useful classroom verbs early, you can keep Maury away. Here's a helpful list to get started:…/…/IMPORTANT-VERBS.pdf The first part is based on Mike Peto and Terry Waltz's work.

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At a neighborhood barbecue the other night I struck up a conversation with a couple of intelligent young professionals. The conversation eventually turned to reading and I asked them what books they had been reading lately. They both sheepishly confessed to reading fiction. I assured them that there was no shame in reading fiction. It’s not as if fiction were a second-class citizen of the reading world. In fact, the case for fiction is strong. I gave them my best short answer: “Fiction readers know more, understand more and feel more,” but of course, after dwelling on it for a [...]

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