I have been very fortunate to have been visited by two master teachers in the past two weeks: Connie Navarro and Karen Rowan. Now here are the observations by a set of fresh eyes. Noah is a second year teacher from a Christian school in Denver, full of ideas and hope, who had asked to visit my classroom. Here are his observations. I had heard about Bryce through some colleagues in the Spanish Teaching world. When I read that this was his final year teaching, I decided I better try to observe him while I still had the opportunity. When I [...]


Get Bryce's new book on classroom passwords here. This project grew out of a short blog post. I was enthusiastic about the results I was getting with passwords with my students and wanted to share what was working with my colleagues. Originally it was just a few examples of passwords that had worked for me and an invitation to share ideas. It could have been written as a blog series, but I just kept adding to the original post. This is the result. As ideas from the original short blog post began to flow comments, questions and suggestions from colleagues [...]


If flight attendants purposefully greet their passengers at the door in order to pick up valuable information about them, wouldn't it help teachers to adopt a similar practice? Starting a classroom password greeting ritual not only provides social and linguistic benefits, there are substantial classroom management advantages as well. The following article explains that when flight attendants take the time to look boarding passengers in the eye they can tell at a glance how much and what kind of energy a passenger has. They can see potential problems with items passengers are trying to carry into the plane, who is [...]

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For the last week of school I have allowed students to choose their own passwords. What a fun way to start each class period this has been! They get to show how smart they are, and I get to admire and applaud them. This is just where we want to be in late May. Beats the heck out of the nagging and brow-beating that I used to do at the end of the school year. What makes this work is the ownership. The students choose what they want to say. Level 1 students could say any password they like from [...]

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The passwords this week are both tongue twisters and they are similar to one another. Upper Level classes:  Mi madre madrileña me menciona a mí miles migas malas. / My mother from Madrid mentions thousands of bits of gossip to me. Lower Level Classes:  Mi mamá a mí me mima. / My mom spoils me. Having similar passwords in upper level classes and lower level classes is a winner for many reasons: 1) The passwords support one another. Lower level Spanish students can use the upper level password if they want to. Upper level students can see a simplified version [...]

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Here is the password for upper level classes for the week of April 10, 2017. This is high stakes testing week and students are under stress. They are made to feel that their entire futures are riding on their performance on these exams. When they get their results some will bemoan their poor showing, while others will be glorying in their high marks. Both of those feelings are impostors. ♥  "El éxito y el fracaso son dos impostores." ♥    "Success and failure are two impostors."  —Jorge Luís Borges, autor y poeta argentino (1899-1986). This saying has a ring of the classical Stoicism [...]

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