EBOOK-La Mujer Triste – Introducing the Past Tenses


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This is a step-by-step guide to introducing the past tense to Spanish I or II students with a fun, engaging and flexible story strategy. La Mujer Triste will help teachers that are new to Comprehensible Input-based teaching and TPRS, but it can also supply even veteran teachers with ideas, fresh perspectives and alternative ways of delivering compelling, personalized comprehensible input to their students. Includes 5 full color cartoon illustrations, step-by-step personalization training, student handouts, a word-cloud vocabulary analysis, comprehension questions, a complete and illustrated version of the story for reading and a summative assessment for your students. Permission to make copies for your classroom with purchase. 27 pages.

Although the story is in Spanish, the ideas and questioning techniques modeled in this training resource can apply to any language class.


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