EBOOK-Stuff for Spanish Class




If you want to stay sane as you teach, get this book! It is filled with practical help for comprehensible input-based Spanish teachers. These resources will help you organize your classroom and improve your teaching. The ancillary materials will help you keep things fun. The book also contains advice on storytelling, reading, teaching numbers and an entire section on gently guiding administrators. The reading sections will particularly help teachers deliver consistent, high quality comprehensible input, with book lists, forms, assessment and advice. There is a wealth of assessments, lists, games and activities for all levels. 152 pages.

Ben Slavic has this to say about this book:
“This book is capable of saving careers. It contains the distilled experience of a teacher who really knows what works. Teachers can open this book and find something useful on every page. I wish I had something like this when I started teaching. I wish I had it in French now.”


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